Welcome, Hijri 1440

Today Muslims across the world welcome the start of the New Islamic Year . The occasion marks 1,440 years since the migration of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and his companions from Makkah to Madinah, Islam’s holiest cities in Saudi Arabia.

Malek Fahd Islamic School

Muslims Australia – AFIC is pleased to see reports today that the Commonwealth has agreed to re-instate funding to the Malek Fahd Islamic School (MFIS). MFIS is an important community institution and for it to have its immediate future secured through this decision is the right outcome.

Daily Telegraph Article

On 9 August 2018 a general news story was published in most mainstream media following the announcement overnight by the Australian Government that 5 individuals had been stripped of their Australian Citizenship for engaging in overseas conflicts linked to terrorist organisations.

Senator Anning

This week we saw our Federal Parliament become host to a new low in political discourse with the speech given by Senator Anning. His speech was morally repugnant and factually wrong. To hark back to the days of Australia’s racist White Australia Policy as if it were some long lost utopia is an indication of how far into dangerous waters Australia has moved in recent times.

The Passing of Sheikh Ahmad Odeh

It is with deep sadness and loss that we note the passing of Sheikh Ahmad Odeh, the Imam of the West End Mosque in Brisbane.