Dr Mohammad Ali Wang played a key role as one of the foundation members of AFIC and a very active President of the national Islamic body.

Dr Mohammed Ali Wang’s father was an Islamic scholar and Imam in Peking and left to settle in Pakistan during the communist uprising. Dr Wang completed his medical degree in Pakistan before the family migrated to Sydney in the early 1970s

Dr Wang was the first Chairman of Islamic Council of NSW, President of AFIC from 1978-1982 .

Dr Wang’s focus on mentoring youth and leadership training remains a powerful vision of the Federation . His legacy remains the very popular and successful AFIC Youth Camps that featured prominently during the late 1970’s 1980’s.

To this day our community leaders who participated in the AFIC Youth Camps, recall the outstanding examples set by their mentors - Dr Mohammed Ali Wang and Sheikh Fehmi.

May Allah accept his efforts and work for the community and grant him Janatal Ferdous.